Learning to live with metastatic breast cancer

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I love reading song lyrics as poetry. Today was All Saint’s Sunday and I thought of Glitter by Patrick Droney. “Glitter” String of lights on the doorWelcome back to your lifeThis is worth living forThere’s so much left in storeAnd we don’tGet to chooseWho we get to loveOr who it is we’re gonna loseOr what … Continue reading Glitter


Dave and I left around 4:30 am Monday morning to go to Barnes for my scans. I had a bone scan and a chest/ab/pelvic CT scan. We stayed in a hotel last night, which makes the trip so much more relaxing. This morning I saw my oncologist and learned that my scans were good. All … Continue reading LVI

Dig a Little Deeper

There is a rather disgusting analogy involving a boiling frog. If you put a frog in tepid water and then slowly heat it to a boil, the frog does not realize it is being boiled alive. Today I realized that my cancer and cancer treatments are doing the same thing to me. I had to … Continue reading Dig a Little Deeper

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