Learning to live with metastatic breast cancer

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In Sickness and in Health

Dave and I were married 27 years ago today. That’s the official number, the answer I say aloud when asked. Inside I am screaming, “Not long enough!” We met in high school – me a senior and him a freshman. It seemed like an insurmountable age gap at times. I went to college and we … Continue reading In Sickness and in Health

Insane in the Membrane

My last cancer blog was 28 days ago. Here is a run down of what happened in the last 28 days: ☑️ Two chemo treatments ☑️ Closed the fiscal year for my employer ☑️ Processed transactions for > 1000 patronage, stock dividend and equity retirement ☑️ Produced the booklet for the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting ☑️ … Continue reading Insane in the Membrane

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