I meant what I said.

In my last post I said that I am going to look for shared commonalities and focus on them. I meant it. That post happened to drop the same day as a controversial SCOTUS decision. It wasn’t planned. I have strong feelings on the decision. You might, too. I’m saddened at the posts I have … Continue reading I meant what I said.

Work in Process

I will be trying to be a better person for all my earthly life. No matter how hard I try, I have not been able to be like the people I admire so much. These are the people who truly understand that the greatest commandment is to love one another. These are the people who … Continue reading Work in Process

Refuge for the Weary

After my cancer diagnosis almost 3 years ago, I transformed at unused porch into my Oasis. The door faces the county road on which we live so I suppose you could call it our front door, however no one can see the door because of all the trees. There is no sidewalk to this side … Continue reading Refuge for the Weary

Daily Bread

My love of baking yeast breads began in 4-H. I still have my 40-year-old project book that explains the important role that each ingredient plays in the finished product. I always loved the science of yeast breads and the need to be patient in each step. Standing in front of the kitchen window kneading the … Continue reading Daily Bread


The cancer continues to be controlled in my body. There is nothing new and nothing that has grown. The tumor on my adrenal gland has shrunk significantly. I am staying on the same course of treatment (and had that today). Today is a good day. The bone scan shows that I have broken 4 ribs … Continue reading Huh?

Picture Day

It may seem hard to believe, but I love the days I am at Siteman Cancer Center. It means we are actively treating instead of waiting and wondering if it is working. I will have lots of scans today; so, so many pictures of my beleaguered body! First, I report to Nuclear Medicine where my … Continue reading Picture Day

Outside Looking In

I’ve spent most of my life on the outside looking in. To be honest, I like it out here most of the time; however, it also causes periodic times of profound loneliness. Metastatic breast cancer adds less time between the bouts of loneliness. I was an awkward child who spent her time with animals on … Continue reading Outside Looking In


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