Insane in the Membrane

My last cancer blog was 28 days ago. Here is a run down of what happened in the last 28 days: ☑️ Two chemo treatments ☑️ Closed the fiscal year for my employer ☑️ Processed transactions for > 1000 patronage, stock dividend and equity retirement ☑️ Produced the booklet for the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting ☑️ … Continue reading Insane in the Membrane


Since 2017 I have been the controller of a grain cooperative in Central IL. This week was the start of the busiest 3 weeks in my work year – and that is saying a lot since January is a month when more than a thousand 1099s have to be produced and sent to our patrons. … Continue reading Decisions

Getting Honest

I have not blogged lately. I have not even journaled privately lately. Why is it when you most need to do something to help yourself, you don’t? Keeping up the bravado is exhausting. My therapist says that I need to allow myself to be honest to find some peace. Two years ago today (7/10/2019) I … Continue reading Getting Honest


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