Crafted with Care

Soon after my diagnosis my friend, Taryn, crocheted a bunch of hats for me. She asked what some of my favorite colors are and went to work. I’m still wearing them today, one because they are adorable and two because my hair has not grown back like “normal” hair yet. When I reach into my … Continue reading Crafted with Care


It’s been a challenging week. I had chemo on Tuesday. They found 2 brain tumors so I’m waiting to hear when gamma knife is scheduled to eliminate them (numbers 12 and 13 if you are keeping score at home). My mom had a bad fall at her home Thursday. We are looking for home help … Continue reading Raining

Alter Ego

Scanxiety is a bitch. I am generally calm, cool and collected – right up to the day before cancer scans. Then my alter ego appears and she is a hot mess. Dave and I are on the way to Barnes. I will have a brain MRI this morning (perhaps my 12th but I start to … Continue reading Alter Ego


My treatment days begin with my port being accessed and several vials of blood being drawn for a host of blood tests. When I had treatment last week, one of my tests was highly abnormal – so high they actually drew another vial to run the test again to make sure there wasn’t an error. … Continue reading Fluke


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