One Sentence Changed my Life

“This is never an easy thing to say.”

There are two parts to my life. One part happened before I heard that sentence. The second part started the moment I heard a physician’s assistant say those words; two entirely different lives. I’m not the same person. Metastatic breast cancer stole my identity. Most days I feel there is nothing left of the former me. Physically I went from a very healthy middle-aged woman who worked hard and completed a 5K to an overweight blob who struggles to maintain any physical activity and is in near-constant pain. Mentally I went from a confident problem-solver to someone who cannot stop thinking about cancer and death to the point of losing my focus on the present.

My way of fighting back is to tell my story – so that other women know how to advocate for their health and demand the right screening measures (more on that in an upcoming entry) – so that people can learn updates on my cancer battle without constantly asking my husband children – so that people learn about metastatic breast cancer (because I had never heard of it until I was diagnosed) – so that I can tell you that I am determined to keep living every day that I am alive and maybe you can get some inspiration from that when life is getting you down.

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