God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

I learned a lot of theology from Veggie Tales and this particular song has been on my mind today. Here in Illinois, it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. I spent most of the afternoon outside, working in the yard. Physically it was a great day, with fatigue being my only cancer side effect. Mentally, my spirits soared in the sunshine and fresh air. And yet… a check of my metastatic breast cancer social media groups this evening included several announcements of members who died and others entering hospice. And yet… the online newspaper I read is full of stories of poverty, crime, war and natural disasters. And yet… I learned that our friends lost their son in an accident yesterday.

Many people love to remind us that, “God has a plan.” When I hear that I think of a movie about Greek Mythology I watched as a teen where Zeus moved humans around on something that looked like chess board – changing their lives on a whim. I just cannot believe that the God I love is choosing who gets killed in an accident, who dies of cancer, who is born with a developmental disability, and so on. I believe that God is with us, helping us face our problems. God is bigger than the Boogie Man.

God did not give me cancer. God is not going to make this cancer disappear. But God has promised me eternal life, which gives me the courage to face stage four cancer. God is with me during treatments, procedures, and tests, calming my nerves and soothing my fears and helping me get through these things. God is bigger than all my problems.

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