Health Insurance Hassle

I have another brain MRI scheduled for April 13 and gamma knife to obliterate my new brain tumor on April 15. Today I called to make sure all the prior authorizations were in place and in-network. Big problem. Barnes has not filed prior auths for those 2 procedures and we are past the window of time to get them filed and approved. So I need to reschedule —- but how can I be sure that Barnes will submit the authorizations for those appointments in time? Meanwhile I have a brain tumor laughing at me, untouched. I have spent over an hour making calls, which mostly means leaving messages with all the people I know who might be able to help. I’m frustrated. I’m tired. I’m scared. I’m doing everything I can to fight cancer but the clusterfuck of health care billing and health insurance seems to be on the side of cancer instead of me.

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