On a roll

I’m at Siteman Cancer Center for treatment 34! I receive treatment every 3 weeks so you can do the math to see that I’m almost at my 2 year Cancerversary. (That event is certainly worth celebrating!)

Yesterday I learned my cancer from the neck down is stable. That means there were no changes from the previous scans 3 months ago. I’m metastatic so my cancer is not going away. The goal is to keep it under control and we are achieving that. Today my labs were all totally normal, which is the first time that has happened. I’m in Chemo Pod 5 with my favorite 2 nurses, Charis and Skip. So things are looking up today.

Working from the chemo chair

This is our second trip to St Louis this week. I’m so fortunate to have Dave by my side in life. We have a good time visiting and listening to music on our drives. I’m praying hard for good results from my brain MRI in July. I want to stay on this positive roll.


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