Frosted Strawberry Pop-tarts

As I approach my 2 year Cancerversary I started thinking about all the medical procedures I have experienced in the last 100 weeks. Here is most of it, in no particular order:

Cancer treatments – 33

Brain MRI – 6

Chest/Ab/Pelvic CT Scan – 11

Bone Scan – 4

Breast MRI – 1

Breast Biopsy – 1

Lymph Node Biopsy – 1

Gamma Knife – 2 series on 9 total tumors

Radiation – 5 days on 1 adrenal gland tumor

Breast ultrasound – 1

Abdominal ultrasound – 1

Transvaginal ultrasound – 1

Diagnostic mammogram – 1

Complete spine MRI – 2

Cervical spine MRI – 1

Echocardiogram- 5

Heart MRI – 4 (part of clinical study)

Chest X-ray – 2

Thoracentisis – 2

Head CT – 1

Radiology-guided spinal injections – 1

The good news? I have no problems being placed in a loud tube and told to not move for a long time.

The even better news? I’m still here, alive and kicking, and my cancer is “extremely controlled.”

I’ll let you know when I’ve been exposed to so much radiation that I can heat your pop-tart with a touch of my finger.

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