The Big Hurt (but not really)

Today is treatment number 35 which brings to mind this 35:

The Big Hurt

My house is filled with White Sox fans so when I was thinking about this being the 35th treatment I thought of Frank Thomas (The Big Hurt).

I switched treatment day and location to fit my husband’s new work schedule. I’m downtown at the main campus. Today, by sheer good luck, I am in a private room. It’s very comfy and quiet. I saw my oncologist today. (I only see her every other treatment).

We are lucky to have all 3 kids home now, temporarily. #3 will move to an apartment in two weeks, followed by #2 a few days later. #1 is still hunting for the next move. I wish I wasn’t so busy with work since they are home. That will change soon. I’m having more problems with side effects of treatment than with cancer right now. And that is fine and dandy with me!

Still Storming On

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