October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is difficult for most metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients. Everywhere you look there is pink and pink ribbons. Every glance at that pink ribbon is a reminder that our breast cancer is different (terminal). Savvy consumers need to look into the details of a “pink ribbon purchase.” How much of the proceeds go to charity? What is the charity? Sadly there are many products out there that have pink ribbons on them with no significant contribution being made to breast cancer.

My social media feeds and my email inbox are nearly filled with the topic of breast cancer. I follow numerous MBC organizations and have been blessed with the friendship of so many women with MBC who I have met within support groups and our advocacy work. I have to work hard to escape MBC when I need a break.

I crashed into the wall last week, so to speak, and dropped into a pit of despair. It has taken a lot of TLC from my family and inner circle of friends to bring me back up into the light. ( Therapy and prescription meds are also valuable.) Today is my 55th chemo treatment. It means I’ve endured a lot, but also have a lot more to endure since my treatments will never end until I do.

This is Hyde who thinks the chemo experience would be better if she could hear the cancer cells screaming.
This is Heidi who has faith that God is with her through this journey and has hope for many more years with her husband and kids.

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