Greeting from Chemo Pod 5

Dave and I left around 4:30 am Monday morning to go to Barnes for my scans. I had a bone scan and a chest/ab/pelvic CT scan. We stayed in a hotel last night, which makes the trip so much more relaxing. This morning I saw my oncologist and learned that my scans were good. All the bone lesions are healing and everything on my liver and adrenal gland is stable. I am settled in Chemo Pod 5 waiting for pharmacy to prepare my infusion bags. Dave brought me Starbucks coffee and a yogurt parfait. This is chemo treatment number 56 for me.

My Whole World

We had family photos taken recently. It was a gorgeous fall day at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet when we met for the photo session. Dave and our kids (Ross, Darrin and Haley) are my reason for getting up everyday and loving life. Every single day I have is a gift and means another day to spend with these four people.

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