The Third Day of Christmas – A Photo Story

4:30 am Departure for Barnes – Dave is driving and I am settling in with a blanket for some more sleep.
The sun is up and we are leaving Vandalia, where we stopped for gas and coffee.
I never grow tired of this view.
We have finally arrived.
Skywalk from the parking garage to Siteman Cancer Center
Masks are still required here and they must be surgical or N-95. There are no exceptions and we have never seen anyone not in compliance.
After a quick stop at the registration kiosk we came here to MRI Waiting Room A.
Waiting Room Mood – We are ready to get the day rolling.
The sneakers really set off the gown.
Neuroscience Waiting Room Mood: Pensive
Neurology Exam Room Accessory
Waiting Room Mood: Yikes!
(I was taking photos all day without a set plan. When I looked at this one later it took my breath away. We were in the exam room waiting for the neurologist to come in the with preliminary results of the brain MRI. Was the last round of gamma knife successful? Is there more cancer in my brain? You cannot see that we are holding hands tightly, waiting, knowing that we face the world together. )
No explanation needed. We are heading home.
3:10 pm – We are finally home. Dave can get some sleep before he leaves for work at 9:00 pm.

On the Third Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me the care and support and love I need. We are thrilled that the tumor they treated in the fall has disappeared and there is nothing new in the scan. Merry Everything and Happy Always.

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