Heidi’s Oasis

Day 2 after chemo #65 has been a mixed bag. I was able to work with my trainer and had an appointment with my primary care doctor to get a shot in my lower spine for pain. I had a long soak in the tub with epsom salts. Things were looking up. But then I realized I was stuck in the tub and had to ask my husband to help lift me out. That process erased all the pain relief from the epsom salts. Pride goes before a fall. My limitations are real and I cannot pretend they aren’t there. And yet…

All my kids were home for a visit at some point today. The shot is really helping my lower back and my other prescription meds are relieving the pain from my afternoon adventure in the tub. Right after Dave helped me to bed, an MBC sister shared a You Tube video of a song that really helped – solely by coincidence. It is a gorgeous day on The Oasis and my dogs and cats love me even when I am angry at and humiliated by cancer. So I’m sitting here counting my blessings and thinking of a song from my childhood.

“Happiness is morning and evening. Daytime and nighttime, too. For happiness is anyone and anything at all that’s loved by you. “

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