My treatment day began with labs. I have a port so they access my port to draw blood and leave the needle in place for treatment. Seven different tests are run on my blood and the results come back within 15-30 min, while I am seeing my oncologist.

Today I saw my Nurse Practitioner first and then my oncologist came in, too. It was good to talk with Dr. Bisi. She never rushes and always makes me feel like I am a priority in her day.

Next I go to the chemo waiting area until they have a chair open for me in the chemo pod. Today a woman in her sixties came out and the whole nursing staff gathered around to celebrate her ringing the bell signifying she is done with chemo. She and her husband had matching tshirts for the occasion and I cheered with everyone else. Inside, however, I was devastated at another reminder that I will never be done with treatment until I’m not alive. I am good with people celebrating. It’s just another reminder that we don’t know what people around us are managing “under the surface” so we should remember to be kind.

I’m in pod 5 today.

Siteman South County

The oncology nurses start me on a fluid flush through my port. Pharmacy was really behind today so I was on fluids for over an hour before my 2 medicines were delivered to the pod. I visited with the nurses. We get to know each other here and I think oncology nurses are special people to remember us and the things we talk about. One of my favorites is in my pod today. Skip is retired from the military and now works as an oncology nurse. Talk about a life dedicated to service!

Sunny View

The chemo pods have tons of windows and I’m enjoying the sunshine today. I forgot my headphones so I’m listening to an elderly chemo neighbor who has not stopped talking since she sat down. Once my second bag has infused they will flush me again with fluids and then remove the needle from my port.

After this I will head downtown to a research building for a heart MRI as part of one of the clinical trials I am in. An hour in a loud tube and then we are heading home.

My middle is wrapping up his second year of college this week while my youngest is ready for high school graduation. Work is busy, as usual. I am playing for church next Sunday, too. Thank you for your continued prayers. I would appreciate some prayers to help guide me through some decision making.

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