Grabbing Hope by the Horns

I did something tonight. And it’s risky.

Postmodern Jukebox

My friend shared a video of Postmodern Jukebox on social media during the heart of the pandemic. I clicked and fell in love. I work in my office with my PMJ playlist in the background.

Wikipedia describes PMJ like this: “Postmodern Jukebox, also widely known by the acronym PMJ, is a rotating musical collective founded by arranger and pianist Scott Bradlee in 2011. PMJ is known for reworking popular modern music into different vintage genres, especially early 20th century forms such as swing and jazz. Postmodern Jukebox has amassed over 1.4 billion YouTube views and 5 million subscribers.”

I opened IG and up pops an announcement of their tour. I searched for locations and spotted Joliet’s Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, IL which is only one and a half hours from our little rural area. So I texted my friend and both husbands and, a couple minutes later, we are the proud and excited owners of 4 tickets in the second row. (To be honest, my husband is at work without access to his phone and her husband is probably asleep, but they will be excited in a few hours when they check their phones!) The four of us utterly love jazz music and live music and each other, so I know this will be an amazing night for all of us.

Umm, but…

The concert is March 3, 2022. For many of us, it is tough to plan that far out because we don’t know what is happening on our calendar that far in advance. Here in Central IL in early March we will have potential winter storms to possibly derail our plans.

Yes, but..

Will that be a bad day when I am not able to attend a concert so far from home? Will I be recovering from yet another medical procedure? Will I be alive?

Matthew 17:20 Mustard Seed

20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Before you think, “that’s right Heidi, just think positive” —- check out an older blog on how complicated the concept of positivity is. Research “toxic positivity.” A whole lot of really “positive” people die everyday. Please do not ever tell a cancer patient to “think positive.”

However …

I’m buying the tickets because I want to keep planning things out in my future without worrying if I will be alive, or alive and well enough, to enjoy something in my life. I bought the tickets because I want to see that on my calendar for the next 8 months and smile.

So I planted a mustard seed tonight and I’m gonna watch it grow.

One thought on “Grabbing Hope by the Horns

  1. I love Matthew 17:20 about The Mustard Seed. It speaks to me but for entirely different reasons. Hey, girl, please go right on planning fun events for your future. I admire that. It’s inspirational to so many. And…have a crazy wild good time 8 months from now at the PMJ Concert! Sending my love, Cathy

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