Picture Day

It may seem hard to believe, but I love the days I am at Siteman Cancer Center. It means we are actively treating instead of waiting and wondering if it is working. I will have lots of scans today; so, so many pictures of my beleaguered body!

First, I report to Nuclear Medicine where my port will be accessed and I will receive the injection for my bone density scan. I am amused that the technician wears lead gloves and removes the syringe from a lead case – then injects it into me. 😂 That starts the clock on a 90 minutes wait before they can begin the scan.

Second, while that clock ticks, I will report to Radiology to get my CT scan which also includes another dye injected in my port.

Third, I go to Cardiology to get an echocardiogram with another injectable contrast dye in my port. They monitor my heart carefully because the drugs that are keeping my cancer controlled are known to damage the heart.

Fourth, I will return to Nuclear medicine for my bone scan. They will leave my port accessed but covered securely to prevent infection.

Dave and I are spending the night in St. Louis tonight because I will get my scan results tomorrow from my oncologist and then get treatment. He will drive home and then go to work in this heat all night long. He is the real hero in this battle.Since my brain MRI was clear last month, I would sure like the same news for my neck down. Whatever the results, we will keep on going. I am receiving the best care at Barnes/Wash U.

Since I’ve been so down lately, it’s time to shake it up and share with you what I will be wearing all day today. Laughing is a lot more fun than crying.

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