The cancer continues to be controlled in my body. There is nothing new and nothing that has grown. The tumor on my adrenal gland has shrunk significantly. I am staying on the same course of treatment (and had that today). Today is a good day.

The bone scan shows that I have broken 4 ribs since my last scan (in February) and they are healing nicely. Since I did not have a memorable accident, this is probably due to cancer weakening my bones —- sadly not uncommon for patients with bone metastasis but my first experience. It also explains a lot of my pain and discomfort – and why it has been a bit hard to breathe when I walk. The Nurse Practitioner messaged me as we drove home to say they will X-ray it in three weeks when I have my next treatment to follow up. She added that it is good I have a high threshold for pain. I agree.

This is the day the Lord has made. Choose to live in it.

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