My Cancer Valentine

Valentine’s Day at Siteman Cancer Center
Great day to wear Valentine leggings
Siteman is a Pepsi campus so I have to remember to bring my Diet Coke in with me.
I made chocolate covered Oreos for all the staff I encounter here. It made Valentine’s Day in the chemo pod a little more fun.
It is chilly here today but the volunteers will bring a fresh warm blanket any time I ask. Today I am receiving infusions of three drugs – Herceptin, Perjeta, and Zometa. I only get the Zometa every 12 weeks. It gives me pretty strong flu symptoms for a few days.
Chemo #61 is in the books and I am in the parking garage ready to drive home. Scans showed more broken ribs and a couple spots we will watch closely. I’ll take those results any day.

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