Raw Data

Cancer is hard. It is harder than I ever expected. I am not comfortable with vulnerability. The cold, hard truth of cancer has exhausted me. I have experienced many medical events since the diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer in July 2019.

✔️ 62 chemo treatments

✔️ 4 gamma knife treatments for brain tumors

✔️ 5 radiation treatments for a tumor covering my right adrenal gland

✔️ 1 radiation treatment to a tumor in my shoulder bone

✔️ 2 thoracentesis procedures (draining fluid from my lung)

✔️ 1 breast MRI

✔️ 2 complete spine MRI

✔️ 8 heart MRI

✔️ 5 echocardiogram

✔️ 8 brain MRI

✔️ 9 bone scans

✔️ 14 chest/ab/pelvic CT scans

Fighting cancer is a full time job. This gal is tired and is going to learn to say “no” a lot more.

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