Step One

Beginning next fall, all mammogram reports in the U.S. will be required to report breast density. This is only one step toward preventing people from being diagnosed with late stage breast cancer despite getting annual mammograms. The last mammogram report I received before being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer told me I had extremely dense breast tissue. It did NOT tell me what that meant – that I needed an ultrasound or breast MRI to truly see if there was a tumor in my breasts.

The next step is requiring additional testing for all women with dense breast tissue. I have no training in the medical field. Despite that, I spend too many hours berating myself for not asking more questions. That’s why I support My Density Matters, founded by a friend here in my own home state. We are desperate to educate the public that people with dense breast tissue need testing in addition to a mammogram. I wouldn’t have a terminal disease if that regulation had been in place. Today, somewhere in this country, some person is receiving the shock of their life; It’s breast cancer and it has already spread to other organs despite your “clean”mammogram report. This is insanity and it must be stopped.

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