Why do I have to say this again?

Yesterday I visited my podiatrist. The assistant asked about my cancer diagnosis. I shared only that it was breast cancer that had spread and was stage IV. She followed by telling me she has extremely dense breast tissue and they are currently “watching” and area to see if more needs to be done. I jumped on that with all guns blazing. I explained breast density and why it matters. I told her she is at a much higher rate of breast cancer because of it. I told her of my de novo diagnosis and my years of “not positive for cancer” mammograms. I told her that she must get a breast MRI or ultrasound as fast as she can and that insurance will cover it ( in our state, IL). I told her to get an MRI or ultrasound every six months. She left the room to make the call.

Why don’t women know this critical information about their own bodies? Why didn’t I know?

Know your breast density and why it matters.

Go to this website for more information.


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