My treatment days begin with my port being accessed and several vials of blood being drawn for a host of blood tests. When I had treatment last week, one of my tests was highly abnormal – so high they actually drew another vial to run the test again to make sure there wasn’t an error. The result was even higher. My team decided to proceed with treatment and run the blood tests again the next week. They arranged for those tests to be done locally so I didn’t have to go back to St Louis.

Anxiety associated with cancer tests (scanxiety) is draining. I tell myself it is unproductive to worry. I try to keep myself distracted. I thought I was doing a great job of that over the weekend. Today I received a message that the new tests showed no issues so they have decided last week was a fluke. I suddenly felt like a hundred-pound weight was lifted from me.

It is a gorgeous evening and my girls and I are celebrating the fluke on the deck with extra dog treats. Live and love every day.

Indie is helping Madi learn “long sit.”

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