It’s been a challenging week. I had chemo on Tuesday. They found 2 brain tumors so I’m waiting to hear when gamma knife is scheduled to eliminate them (numbers 12 and 13 if you are keeping score at home). My mom had a bad fall at her home Thursday. We are looking for home help and help with her handicapped dog.

I assure you that isn’t all bad news. The new brain tumors are small and the Tumor Board at Barnes/Wash U decided I can remain on my same chemo treatment. That means I’m still on my first line of treatment and that is excellent news for cancer patients. My mom is strong and just needs a little help at home. She is utterly amazing for 87 and has lived alone for around 14 years. This fall won’t change that . On top of it all, I am blessed with a husband and 3 kids who are so helpful to me. And I come home to Indie and Madi, my labs who are my companions, buddies, besties, and nurses.

I realized I haven’t been specifically asking all of you, my prayer warriors, for specific prayers. I meet so many people who tell me they are praying for me and I am so grateful for that. Please add some for my mom. I also want to thank all of you who donated to the fund at the Bank of Gibson City that was started by my friend, Leanne, and those who donated privately. I had left some funds in for a rainy day and, well, it rained down this week. So you are all still helping me!

Through all this I can feel God’s presence so strongly. I hope you can, too.

Waiting for my “head shots” at Barnes

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